Atelier Miśko is an online store operated by artist Zuza 'Miśko' Wiskirska.

It features linocut prints made by Zuza as well as unique, carefully curated works by fellow artists.

Zuza Miśko is a printmaker and illustrator with the background in animated film. After several years of working in advertising and graphic design, she turned her focus to traditional printmaking and fine art techniques. Finding harmony in modern day life, balancing between the technological speed and our most innate, biological needs are her main subject.

In opposition to digitally designed and mass produced artworks, Zuza Miśko makes prints by hand in very small batches.

She lets printmaking tools leave their marks and embraces all embosses, little misalignments of colours and other imperfections as a part of her style, in which each print is unique.

Having grown up in the family of artists, Zuza is also passionate about good art. She supports fellow creatives by inviting them to sell in her store.

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